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Numerous dialects of the Inuit language, English, Danish, Russian

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About Inuit Circumpolar Council

To thrive in their circumpolar homeland, Inuit realized they must speak with a united voice on issues of common concern and combine their energies and talents towards protecting and promoting their way of life. ICC’s principle goals are to:

  • Strengthen unity among Inuit of the Arctic region
  • Promote Inuit rights and interests on an international level
  • Develop and encourage long-term policies that safeguard the Arctic environment
  • Seek full and active partnership in the political, economic and social development of the Arctic region

ICC has held Consultative Status II at the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 1983 and is active within the United Nations and its various subsidiary bodies. ICC consults regularly with the United Nations on a broad range of issues concerning the Arctic and Indigenous human rights.

About Inuit

Historically, Inuit were hunter/gatherers living a nomadic life in the Arctic following the game and the seasons. Inuit now live in widely dispersed communities throughout a vast area of the Arctic in North America, Greenland and the Russian Federation. Today, Inuit are an integral part of modern society, actively engaged within the global community.

Inuit Circumpolar Council in the Arctic Council

ICC was actively involved in the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy, which later became the Arctic Council in 1996. ICC is one of the original Permanent Participants under the Arctic Council structure. ICC focuses great effort within the Arctic Council and is active in its various Working Groups, Task Forces and individual projects. ICC also participates in the Senior Arctic Officials meetings and Ministerial meetings. ICC considers the Arctic Council to be the premier international forum dealing with Arctic policy issues today.

ICC International

Sara Olsvig
Chair, Head of Delegation to the Arctic Council

Kuluk R. Lyberth
Staff Contact

ICC Alaska

Marie Greene
ICC Vice Chair – Alaska

Kelly Eningowuk
Staff Contact

ICC Canada

Lisa Koperqualuk
ICC Vice Chair – Canada

Daniel Aviugana
Staff contact

ICC Greenland

Hjalmar Dahl
ICC Vice Chair – Greenland

Kuluk R. Lyberth
Staff Contact

ICC Chukotka
Valentina Leonova
ICC Vice Chair – Chukotka

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